What To Do If Your Partner Has A Terminal Illness




You’re deeply in love with your brilliant partner and it seems that you will happily spend the rest of your lives by each other’s side. But suddenly you feel that the ground is giving way beneath your feet after you find out your love has an incurable disease. And now you’re questioning yourself how your relationship is going to be and whether there is any glimpse of hope for your partner to make it through or not.

Although giving any suggestions or recommendations is hardly relevant in such a situation, relationship experts behind the website for dating Russian women online compiled a few pieces of advice that would be of great help for both of you to overcome this heartbreakingly painful experience.

#1 Talk to your lover about their illness. The odds your partner won’t express a great interest in talking about their disease are pretty high. This is why you have to approach this subject very cautiously so that your lover feels like getting it off their chest to you right away. Unless you are a qualified psychologist, you are little aware of what to tell your partner if you certainly know their life is sooner or later coming to an end and how to comfort them even if it’s apparent to both of you that nothing you say is likely to heal or cure your lover. Nevertheless, trying to get down to discussing the disease with your beloved man or woman in terms of their individual situation is essential if you want your love to feel cared for and know that someone is always there for them, well, at least, now.

#2 What to start a conversation about your partner’s illness with? Well, it depends on how you found out about your lover’s sickness. If it was your lover who told you about it, then asking him or her to shed some light on the situation and how long they have had this illness won’t be a big problem. It’s totally different if you were notified with this by one of your common friends and you know your partner is hiding their health problems from you, or you accidentally stumbled across your partner’s medical examination results. In this case you should start with letting your man or woman know that you’re perfectly aware of their condition and you want to support them. You should also mention that you are willing to help them live with this however much time they have left, but only if you really mean it as giving empty promises and not fulfilling them will endlessly hurt your partner.

And the worst is when you receive a mail or call from your partner’s doctor informing you that the love of your life is terminally sick. This makes you consider all the possible ways how to apprise your partner of their having an incurable illness. According to the U.S. psychologists, the most appropriate time to tell your lover he or she has a terminal disease is the time when they’re back from work since after 6 p.m. human’s mind is the least susceptible and such shocking news as this strikes least painfully. Of course, no time or place is any good for finding out you’re terminally ill or telling someone they are but there are at least some scientific facts and suggestions that help accept the way things are more easily.

# 3 Show strong support for your love. People knowing they are incurably sick are most often mentally vulnerable and frail. This is why they have an immense need for their lovers’ support. You have to be highly supportive and caring so that your partner knows he or she is not going through this on their own. You should hardly ever mention the illness and focus on the things making your lover happy. In addition to all this, try to look joyous and happy because the way you act and talk as well as your mimics influence your partner’s mood and, consequently, his or her thinking.
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