There are plenty of people who would argue that a sexual health screen for people in a relationship might be the worst gift to give for Valentine's Day. But when you really think about it, knowing the health status of yourself and your partner makes it easier to plan a future, and become even closer as a couple.


The Meaning of Valentine's Day For Couples

The simple meaning of Valentine's Day is to celebrate the love between two people. Whether it is a love that has burned bright for years or a love that is just being revealed, it is a day to celebrate love. Valentine's Day is also the perfect day to confirm the fidelity you and your partner share, or to put suspicions to rest.

Those that have been affected would absolutely agree that a sexual health screen on Valentine's Day is the perfect time to confirm true love, or find out that it is time to move on. A sexual health screen reveals infidelities, or it can confirm monogamy. Determining the health of your relationship, regardless of what that health may be, can be a blessing on Valentine's Day.

Thinking of the Future

Valentine's Day is a day when young couples start to think of the future and make plans for a life together. A sexually transmitted disease that has laid dormant or shown no symptoms can put a stop to those plans if it is not stopped in time. Luckily, many STDs can be cured if they are found in the very early stages. Even the STDs that cannot be cured can be managed with the right kind of care and monitoring.

The manner in which a couple handles the revelation of a sexually transmitted disease is between the two who are in love. But the ability to treat a disease because it was found early enough can allow a couple to take care of that lingering issue and move forward. When it comes to planning the future, a clean bill of health is the best Valentine's gift there is.

Being Serious About a Killer

Valentine's Day is not the day that people want to think about terminal diseases, but it is a day when lovers face up to their responsibilities to each other. There have been medical advances over the years, but HIV and AIDS are still a glowing blip on our medical radar. A couple that wants to be truly happy needs to know their HIV status, so that they can take advantage of the new treatments that are available and move forward with their life together.

Love and Valentine's Day go hand-in-hand, and sex is also part of that equation. Instead of ignoring the potential consequences of a sexually transmitted disease, couples should embrace planning for the future by getting each other sexual health screens for Valentine's Day. It is the only way to be sure that the future is bright, and that love will conquer all.

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