Politics Why President Jonathan Will Win in 2015



Sonala Olumhense published an article which details why President Goodluck Jonathan will win the 2015 presidential elections.

Read excerpts below:

WITH less than six months to Nigeria’s 2015 presidential contest, I predict that one Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will win it. He already holds the job, and many cite the power of incumbency to back up that belief.
They are wrong; in a normal democracy, incumbency would be a serious handicap because the candidate can be handcuffed to his record. Not in Nigeria, and there are really two reasons Mr. Jonathan stands poised to take his third oath of presidential office next May.

The first is that he is a man of great understanding. Mr. Jonathan understands that #Nigeria is an abandoned project, literally and figuratively. Nigerians do not care. They do not care about themselves. And they care still less about Nigeria.

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SOURCE: #TheGuardian

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