Politics Why the North is Opposed to Increasing Revenue For Oil-Producing Areas - Yadudu


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Auwalu Yadudu, legal stalwart and Professor of Law, is a delegate to the National Conference where he is seen in different light to be diverse persons depending on which side of the divide they belong. But he defends his eyebrow-raising positions on issues of derivation, legitimacy of the conference, as well as on the most contentious issues. He spoke to Foreign Affairs Editor, Oghogho Obayuwana.

IT seems every region brought its agenda to the conference instead of actually trying to restructure Nigeria. What’s really the correct position, from your point?

Yes, all the talk about derivation — it’s not derivation that should be the main issue of divergence; there are very many issues that are contentious. But, of course, regions, states and communities could have what they consider as contentious.

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Source: #Guardian


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