Money Win 1,000,000 USD in Lotto Nigeria online!


Finally, the Nigerian Lotto market is ready to offer the biggest Nigerian lottery with attractive rewards and a futuristic online platform. The newest national Nigerian lottery is offering a jackpot bigger than your expectations. As the title says, Lotto Nigeria offers unbelievable rewards, and you can play this first-ever online lottery in Nigeria to win 1,000,000 USD. Yes, you read it right. With a growing user-base, it's the best time to start playing Lotto Nigeria with simple and easy games.

Online Lotto Nigeria​

Lotto Nigeria is a huge initiative for the Nigerian lotto market by Fortune Games Limited Company. The company behind the national Nigerian online lottery is known for its consistency and transparency. Fortune Games Limited Company is already empowering many successful global lottery platforms, and their focus is to help Nigerian lottery players to grow and fulfill their dreams. They are registered with National Lottery Regulatory Commission with Category A license and RC number 809072. The company behind the online Nigerian lotto is legit, and they have their office at 22 Nile Street, Maitama District - Abuja.

The changing face or the Nigerian lottery market required some innovative games that can compete with the international standards and offer the same games and options for the Nigerian Audience. According to the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, the SMS lottery can generate N150 billion revenue while the lottery gaming industry can land N300 billion annually. These numbers are going to double in no time with the release of Lotto Nigeria.

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How to Play Newest Lotto Nigeria?​

Lotto Nigeria is built on state of the art technology to offer a straightforward user interface to the players. With no complexities involved, you can easily get yourself comfortable with the rules of the Nigerian lotto. The process of getting started with the national Nigeria lottery is easy. On this website you can play the newest Nigeria Lotto and win 1 000 000 USD! Here are four simple steps to be part of the newest and biggest online Nigerian Lotto:

Step 1: Pick your lucky number​

Choose any 5 basic numbers and 2 GG numbers that you feel most confident about. You can also use the automated tool to pick any random numbers for your game.

Step 2: Register for Lotto Nigeria​

If you are new to the platform, register your account with the email or if you already have the account, just log into your account.

Step 3: Order your Nigerian lotto ticket​

Once you have chosen the lucky numbers, pay for the lottery ticket, and wait for the draw.

Step 4: Check the lotto Nigeria results​

The results are announced online, so keep checking the Lotto Nigeria site for the results.

Rules of GG World Keno​

The lottery player has to choose 1-10 numbers in the range of 1-70. Either you can pick the numbers as per your own choice, or you can use the automated bot to choose the numbers and fill in the lottery ticket for you. The draw happens every 4 minutes, and if your chosen numbers match the drawn numbers, you win the lottery. If no one wins the lottery, the jackpot is added to the new draw.

The basic stake for a single line is NGN100

Rules of GG World Million​

The rules for GG World Million are pretty much straightforward as any other lottery game. The rules are clearly stated that the player is responsible for picking five main figures in the range of 1 to 50 with two extra numbers in the range of 1-12.

The minimum jackpot for GG World Million is NGN 383,500,000.

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How to check the latest Nigerian Lotto Results?​

Once you have paid for the lottery ticket and the results have been drawn, you can easily check if you have been lucky enough to be a winner or not. National Nigerian Lotto results are announced online on the official site, where you can easily check the drawn numbers. If your chosen numbers match the drawn figures, you are the lucky winner and can claim the jackpot. If not, you can play another round and keep trying your luck until you have achieved the dream of winning 1 000 000 USD.

The results are regularly updated on the Lotto Nigeria app, so stay connected for the latest result announcements. Here you can check the latest Nigeria lotto results and winning numbers. It’s high time to be part of the biggest online Nigerian lotto and try your luck to be the next millionaire. If no one picks the numbers correctly in a draw, the jackpot is rolled to the new draw, and the jackpot keeps growing. Everything is online, straightforward, and amazing with huge potential. You can also check the previous results of the draws on the website.