Sports Winnng the world cup was a dream come true- Neuer

The best goalkeeper at the just concluded world cup staged in Brazil, Manuel Neuer has expressed satisfaction towards his side's performance which led them to win the title the fourth time saying that "it's a dream come true for him."

Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 in the final of the competition after demolishing Brazil 7-1 in their semi final clash earlier in the tournament.

Neuer said that he has all his colleagues to thank for the success as they gave their best that made Germany victorious in the Brazil, th first European country to have lifted the trophy on the South American soil.

It’s absolutely unbelievable. The main thing is of course that we were successful as a team. It’s incredible, we really are world champions now. A dream has come true for us Germans and we’ve finally won the trophy again. We’ve wanted it for so long. It was our time again. Everyone gave their all to be able to win it and I think we deserved to too. It’s still not completely sunk in yet.

Our main strength is just that we’re a good team. It’s a simple as that and we proved that here. Everyone fights for each other, everyone’s there for each other and is happy for each other. We worked well collectively and that’s what counts. We’re a very close-knit group and that really was the decisive thing at this tournament. I can honestly say that we can all rely on every single member of the team. That sense of security drove us to win the title and now we’ve won it.

Of course I’m happy with the way I played and I know I’ve had a good tournament, but that’s only secondary. The main thing for me is that the team’s success is always more important. I know that I’m nothing without my team-mates. At the end of the day I was only able to have such a good World Cup because of the people in front of me on the pitch, so my thanks go to them that I could play so well and receive this award.

I’ve fallen in love with Brazil. The people are amazing, very open and warm-hearted. That’s something we’ve all discovered and come to appreciate over the last few weeks. They love football more than anything else, they’re so enthusiastic and did everything they could to show their country in the best possible light. They succeeded in the most wonderful way and we have to thank them for that. I’ll never forget it.

Neuer said that he appreciated the Brazilians for their hospitality and warm reception, adding that he'll never forget them.fifa