Business World Body Donates $2.6m to Nigeria's Power Sector



Nigeria is set to get a $2.6 million funding from Global Environment Facilities (GEF), to improve its electricity generation, Guardian reports.

Managing Director of UNIDO Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division, Philippe Scholtes, made this known on Friday in Abuja when he visited the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Onu Ogbonnaya in the Office.

He expects the fund will be used to boost small scale hydro power to ensure electricity get to rural areas in the country.

"We made the case; we obtained funding for 2.6 million dollars to help us demonstrate the small scale hydro power to powerhouse and factories in places that have not been reached by the electricity.

"This project funded by Global Environment Facility funds is meant to help countries address environment issues that can benefit the global communities," he said.

He said that the investors in Nigeria would be encouraged to execute the project and expand it to disseminate the kind of technology needed.


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