Yobe: Female Pilgrims to be Screened at Airport for Pregnancy



Alhaji Abubakar Suleiman, the Emir of Bade and leader of the 2014 Yobe pilgrims to Saudi Arabia, in an interview on Thursday said female prospective pilgrims would be screened before boarding flights to stop pregnant women from performing Hajj.

He said that the screening committee would ensure that no pregnant woman performed Hajj, in accordance with the law.

Suleiman said ``apart from the normal screening conducted by the state's pilgrims commission, we shall screen women at the airport before boarding the aircraft".

The leader of the pilgrims said the committee had taken adequate measures to ensure that prospective pilgrims complied with the rules and regulations of the Hajj rites and adher the Saudi laws.

The emir also said that the committee, in conjunction with the state's pilgrims commission, had adopted strategies to monitor pilgrims to avoid absconding after the pilgrimage.

He assured that the committee would fully implement the welfare package provided by the state government to make the pilgrims comfortable while in the Holy Land.

The Yobe government had provided accommodation subsidy, feeding and cash for sacrificial lamb among others to its prospective pilgrims performing the Hajj.

The emir also said that clerics would be attached to the intending pilgrims who would be in groups to ensure the religious rites were fully complied with and the hajj done properly.

He urged the prospective pilgrims to cooperate with the officials "for a successfull and rewarding Hajj.''

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