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In a shocking turn of events reminiscent of a crime thriller, Melody Felicano Johnson, a 39-year-old Arizona resident, finds herself facing charges of attempted murder. Her husband, Roby Johnson, a member of the USAF, became the target of a murder attempt during their divorce proceedings.

The ordeal began in March 2023 while Roby was stationed in Germany. Melody allegedly attempted to poison him by tampering with his coffee. However, Roby became suspicious after detecting an unusual taste in his coffee. To confirm his suspicions, he used chemical testing strips, typically used for pool chlorine levels, on his coffee pot and tap water. The results were alarming, with the coffee pot showing high levels of chlorine.

In May 2023, Roby decided to take matters into his own hands. He set up a hidden camera to monitor his coffee pot, knowing that Melody would prepare it at night. Although he stopped drinking the coffee, he pretended to do so to avoid suspicion.

Upon returning to the Davis Monthan Air Force Base in the USA, Roby continued his surveillance efforts by installing more hidden cameras disguised as fire alarms. These cameras captured Melody pouring bleach into a container and then adding it to the coffee maker. Armed with this incriminating evidence, Roby reported the incident to the police, leading to Melody's immediate arrest.

Source: Digital Camera World