Amnesty International reports that fifteen protesters arrested during the 2020 #EndSARS protests in Nigeria are still being held arbitrarily in detention, even three years after the protests. The majority of these protesters are incarcerated in the Kirikiri Medium Correctional Centre and Ikoyi Medium Security Correctional Centre in Lagos without facing trial. Nigerian authorities have levied various charges, including theft, arson, unlawful firearms possession, and murder, against these protesters. Several of those detained have alleged torture during their confinement.

The Amnesty International report highlights the Nigerian government's disregard for human rights and due process, emphasizing that three years of detention without trial is a grave injustice. It calls for the immediate and unconditional release of these protesters.

The report also exposes the resurgence of police brutality in Nigeria, despite promises of comprehensive police reforms after the #EndSARS protests. Amnesty International has documented cases of extrajudicial killings, harassment, arbitrary detention, and extortion carried out by law enforcement officers, undermining human rights.

The organization urges Nigerian authorities to implement effective measures to end police impunity, provide clear directives to police officers to respect human rights, and ensure that those suspected of violating human rights receive fair trials without resorting to the death penalty. Genuine reforms are deemed necessary to eradicate human rights violations and ensure justice and protection for all citizens.