The United States has announced the Diversity Visa (DV) Program for the fiscal year 2025, and it comes with a harsh reality for many Nigerians. Nigeria is not included in the list of eligible countries - this is a devastating blow for countless hopefuls who saw the DV program as a beacon of hope for a brighter future away from the numerous challenges faced in Nigeria, as reported by Leadership News.

The DV program is known for being a gateway to new beginnings and immense opportunities. However, it has once again shut its doors on the dreams and aspirations of many Nigerians due to the stringent eligibility criteria. Many Nigerians born to Nigerian parents in Nigeria are now grappling with the harsh reality of missed opportunities and shattered dreams.

The US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria have clarified that only those born outside Nigeria or with parents born outside the country are eligible, leaving the majority in despair. This decision has extinguished the hopes of many seeking to escape economic hardships and aspire for a better life in the United States.

The continuous exclusion of Nigeria, a country full of vibrant talents and individuals yearning for global opportunities, underscores a significant loss in diversity and potential contributions to the worldwide landscape. The absence of Nigeria from the eligible countries list not only limits the horizons of its citizens but also impedes the infusion of rich, diverse talents into various global spheres.