Nnanyerugo Best, popularly known as Killaboi, who had confessed to the murder of Augusta Osedion on Instagram in July 2023, has been arrested in Sierra Leone after Nigerian police declared him wanted for his girlfriend's murder. Killaboi had initially expressed willingness to turn himself in but fled Nigeria instead.

Earlier this month, the Nigerian police issued a warrant for his arrest, prompting a nationwide search. Killaboi's mother, during this period, refrained from commenting on the case to avoid interfering with the ongoing police investigation.

Killaboi managed to change his identity, contact details, social media profiles, and even acquired a Sierra Leonean passport to evade capture. However, his luck ran out when someone recognized him at a nightclub in Sierra Leone, leading to his arrest.

The news of Killaboi's arrest quickly trended on Twitter, with many expressing relief that he was finally in custody. The arrest marks a significant development in a case that garnered significant public attention and social media discussion after his confession on Instagram.

It is expected that Killaboi will face legal proceedings in Sierra Leone before any potential extradition to Nigeria.