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Ilebaye Odiniya, the winner of Big Brother Naija All Stars, has opened up about her feelings of hurt and loneliness when some fellow housemates failed to congratulate her after her victory. She shared her experiences during an interview with Chude Jideonwo’s #WithChude.

Ilebaye explained how their lack of congratulations reminded her of her past, when she was betrayed at a young age, which made her afraid of forming close friendships. She also recalled being bullied in the Big Brother house and the depression she fought after her first appearance on the show.

Discussing her feelings, she said, "I am still hurt that I didn’t get congratulations from some of the housemates because I know that if I were in their shoes, I would be happy for them. In the bathroom scene with Ike, she said, ‘I felt sad and lonely, I was like what did I do to deserve this? Even if I have done something to hurt you, you should have just come to me to talk about it, not throwing my clothes. I just felt like 'God open the ground let it swallow me.' My energy just went low."

For the All-Stars season, Ilebaye's primary goal was to have fun and reach the finals, although she didn't expect to win. She clarified that her strategy was not to gain public sympathy by claiming to be bullied, stating that her win was by grace, and she believed it was her year. She also discussed her relationships with male housemates and her future plans, which include becoming a runway model, owning an orphanage, venturing into acting, and establishing her own business.