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Kylian Mbappe opted to remove his protective mask for France's Euro 2024 semifinal against Spain, citing discomfort and a desire to improve his performance. Despite his efforts, France suffered a 2-1 defeat, ending their tournament without another fixture.

Kylian Mbappe made a pivotal decision to ditch his protective mask during France's Euro 2024 semi-final against Spain, a match that ended in a disappointing 2-1 defeat for Les Bleus.

Mbappe had initially worn the mask after breaking his nose earlier in the tournament but found it restrictive, impacting his performance on the field. Despite scoring once from a penalty against Poland, he opted to play mask-free against Spain, hoping to improve his game but was unable to lead France to victory.

In a post-match interview, Mbappe expressed frustration with the mask's discomfort, explaining, "Before the game, we made the decision, I was fed up with the mask, I asked the doc if I could and he told me I could do what I wanted." Despite his efforts, Spain outplayed France, securing an early lead that France failed to overturn despite second-half opportunities.

Reflecting on France's overall performance in the tournament, Mbappe labeled it a "failure," lamenting the team's inability to clinch the European Championship.

Disappointed with his own form, he expressed plans to take a break before joining Real Madrid for the upcoming season. With no third-place play-off in Euro 2024, France's campaign came to an end with Mbappe's decision to remove the mask marking a symbolic end to his challenging tournament.

As Mbappe prepares for his new journey with Real Madrid, his decision to play without the mask underscores the challenges and frustrations faced by elite athletes under intense pressure on the international stage.