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Economist Pat Utomi slams Tinubu's government for neglecting food inflation, sparking widespread debate among Nigerians on economic policies and priorities.

In a scathing critique, renowned economist and politician Pat Utomi has publicly criticized the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led government for what he deems as misplaced priorities amidst Nigeria's economic challenges, particularly food inflation.

Utomi took to social media to express his dismay, accusing the government of focusing resources on projects like Presidential Jets, the Lagos-Calabar Highway, and luxury SUVs for lawmakers while neglecting critical measures to curb food inflation. Describing the government's actions as the "height of unwisdom," Utomi highlighted the detrimental effects of recent policies on agriculture and food security.

"I woke up at 2 am to do the KAKAAKI interview this morning but the chill of the wrong policies announced yesterday for the agriculture sector has not let me return to sleep," Utomi wrote in a poignant post. He criticized the government's failure to prioritize agriculture, citing historical economic missteps that led to a mono-product economy heavily reliant on oil.

Utomi's comments sparked a wave of reactions across social media, with Nigerians echoing his concerns and questioning the government's commitment to addressing fundamental economic issues. Many expressed frustration over what they perceive as a disconnect between government actions and the everyday realities faced by Nigerians, particularly in terms of rising food prices and economic instability.

Several commentators pointed out ongoing agricultural initiatives at the state and local government levels, emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts across all tiers of government to achieve meaningful results in food production and inflation control.