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Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham's Instagram rant about her critics has sparked controversy. She vowed to take action against those who "bullied and defamed" her, following her arrest of a critic. Social media users criticized her approach, questioning her decisions and accusing her of mishandling criticism.

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has sparked controversy with her recent Instagram live session, where she addressed the backlash she's faced for arresting a critic known as Big Ayo, who allegedly insulted her family. In an emotional outburst, Abraham declared, "I am ready to die, but before I die, I'll make sure everybody who bullied and defamed me won't go scot-free."

This statement has ignited a firestorm of reactions on social media, with many Nigerians criticizing the actress for her approach to handling criticism. Some X (Twitter) users responded by accusing Abraham of defamation herself, challenging her to provide proof that Ayo was paid to abuse her. Other users took a more mocking tone, commenting on Abraham's "breath of shame" and criticizing her Netflix movies. This reaction reflects a common trend of personal attacks that often accompany online celebrity controversies.

Some questioned Abraham's decision-making, suggesting that a defamation lawsuit would have been a more appropriate response than an arrest.