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A viral story about a Mexican church selling "plots of land in heaven" was revealed to be satire. The Iglesia del Final de los Tiempos uses humor to mock exploitative pastors, but many initially believed the sensational claims.

This week, social media buzzed with claims about a Mexican church allegedly "selling plots of land in heaven" after influencers shared it on TikTok. According to the reports, the Iglesia del Final de los Tiempos supposedly made millions from these celestial land deals, offering plots starting at $100 per square meter. Buyers were said to be able to pay via American Express, Apple Pay, or payment plans, with the church's pastor allegedly stating that he received divine authorization in 2017 to sell these plots.

The story quickly went viral, generating a mix of disbelief and humor online. One user joked about sending a pastor to heaven to verify the land via FaceTime, while another offered sarcastic discounts on heavenly plots. A third criticized the supposed scheme as "diabolical."

However, the truth soon emerged: the church is a satirical Evangelical group known for mocking exploitative religious practices. Their Facebook page, which describes the organization as "just for fun," regularly posts bizarre and humorous content, such as claims about banning women from riding horses and calling them "ribs."