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    Politics Throwback PHOTO Of Obasanjo Accepting The Surrender Of Biafra In 1970

    Philip Effiong, a general of the Biafran Armed Forces looks on as the General Officer Commanding the 3 Commando Division of the Nigerian Army, Colonel Olusegun Obasanjo, initials a paper of Biafran Surrender in the Field on the 13th of January, 1970, after Effiong’s broadcast of the ‘Biafran...
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    Metro Abiyamo: 8-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Weds 14-Year-Old in Zaria – See Photos

    In Zaria, there was marriage ceremony between a rather curious couple: the bride, who is supposedly to be eight years of age and in primary four and the groom aged 14 and is in SS1 Reports indicated that they are of the Baba Ahmed family in Zaria and this is reportedly not the first of such...