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    Islamophobic pastor set to lead prayer at US embassy in Israel – PressTV Media RSS

    A controversial Islamophobic pastor is set to lead a prayer at the opening ceremony of the American embassy in Jerusalem al-Quds, reports say. Dallas-based preacher Robert Jeffress told Fox News on Sunday night that he would be leading a prayer during the ceremony to open the … Read more...
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    Sports Ex-National Goalkeeper Peter Rufai Cries Out After Rough Treatment For Security Officials - Vanguard

    Former Nigerian goalkeeper Peter Rufai, has cried out after some security officials attached to the American Embassy bashed his car on his way from a party READ MORE HERE
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    Top 5 Student Visa Interview Questions To Study Abroad And How To Answer Them

    One of the major obstacles people face in their journey to travel abroad for further education is answering the visa interview questions. Some of the common questions are listed below and suitable answers habe been provided. Question 1: Why do you want to study in United States of America...