Top 5 Student Visa Interview Questions To Study Abroad And How To Answer Them



One of the major obstacles people face in their journey to travel abroad for further education is answering the visa interview questions. Some of the common questions are listed below and suitable answers habe been provided.


Question 1:

Why do you want to study in United States of America?

Answer: The whole world knows that academic experience in USA is something unquestionable, and certificate from a reputed American University is widely valued by all countries. Most of the United States Universities offer excellent research opportunities, and internship programs which will catalyze my career growth for sure.

Question 2:
Why United States? Can’t you try in United Kingdom or Canada?

Answer: The quality of education in United States is much impeccable than UK or Canada. Syllabus in U.S offers the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge which we will not be able to possess anywhere in this world.

Question 3:
What are your future plans after completing graduation from US?

Answer: Upon successful completion of graduation, I will return back to my native country, and will search for jobs.

Question 4:
Will you surely come back to your native nation after possessing a graduate degree?

Answer: Why not? Our land is blessed with opportunities, and I wish to exploit it to the fullest. I wish to pursue my graduation from US to make myself fit to adapt myself to this competitive world.

Question 5:
Do you know anything about the City which you are going?

Answer: Yes…I have referred Internet, and have learned about this city. I have heard that the city is blessed with friendly people, and the weather is quite similar to my native land. I hope these things will help me in adapting quickly.

You can expect many other questions from the executive in charge of the visa interview which includes, the details of the University which you are going to apply, the course which you are going to pursue, details of scholarship if any, your family background etc.

You should closely understand all the questions, and should answer them genuinely. Questions about your academic abilities and queries regarding scores in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS can also be expected during the time of the visa interview.

Good luck!!!

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