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    10 questions you should ask your bank – Punch Newspapers

    What looks on paper like a no-fee or low-cost account may not actually be the one that is best suited to your needs. Here are 10 questions to ask to help figure out if your account is right for you, according to Can I use an ATM for … Read more via Punch...
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    Business CBN Kicks Off Flexible Exchange Rate

    The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) finally commences the much-awaited market-driven flexible exchange rate regime to ease the foreign exchange (Forex) scarcity in the country, today, Monday 20, 2016. The new policy has been endorsed by various financial analysts who see it as the final solution...
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    Metro Akwa Ibom: Workers Shut Bank Over Non-payment of Salaries

    Hundreds of workers of the Akwa Savings and Loans Limited on Monday shut the bank over non-payment of their salaries for four months, according to a report by PUNCH. The angry workers insist that the present management of the bank be fired; else the finance house would continue to lack...
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    5 Tips That Can Help You Secure A Loan In A Nigerian Bank

    Have a good reputation with your bankers You must have a very good reputation with your bankers if you want your loan request granted. When you know your bankers and your bankers know you, they can convince the several panels of people waiting in line to scrutinize your request. The more...
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    How To Avoid Unnecessary Bank Charges On Your Account

    With more than a third of Africans struggling to pay debts, people need to watch their bank accounts closely for unnecessary charges. Even a handful of bank charges could push a person deeper into debt, making it difficult to recover financially. The following tips would help reduce or...
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    Business CBN Directs 3 Banks To Recapitalise By June 2016

    The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has given three commercial banks until June 2016 to recapitalise after they failed to hit a minimum capital adequacy rate of 10 per cent, it said in a report on its website. The central bank did not name the banks but said they were from the group of 14 in...
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    How To Buy Airtime From Your Bank Account

    Here is how to to recharge your phone with airtime from all Banks in Nigeria. First and foremost, ensure that your account is linked to your mobile number or probably the mobile line you are using is the same mobile number on your intending account number and perform the following tasks. How...