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    Scholar Brings the Bible and the Qur’an ‘In Conversation’ –

    Gabriel Said Reynolds, associate professor of Islamic studies and theology at the University of Notre Dame, presents the text of the Qur’an with his own commentary in The Qur’an and the Bible (Yale University Press, May). The author draws on a long tradition of scholarship on the origins of...
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    Bible Loved by Christian Fundamentalists Written Using Method They Hate – The Daily Beast News

    The King James Version of the Bible is the most popular and influential version of the world’s most printed book. And today millions of Christians turns to the King James, or Authorized Version, of the Bible when they look for religious inspiration and guidance. It’s the Bible … Read...
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    Sports I married my sister because Bible supports it – 25-year-old school teacher – Vanguard News

    By Vincent Ujumadu Cornelius Chiadi Ezeibekwe, 25, recently caused a stir in Ekwulobia in Aguata local government area of Anambra State when he wedded his younger sister, aged 17. In Igbo land, such a marriage is a taboo and it was on the basis of this that youths … Read more via Vanguard News...
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    Metro Femi Aribisala Lists 6 Main Contradictions In The Christian Bible

    Controversial preacher, Femi Aribisala has listed in a series of tweets 6 contradictions found in the Christian bible. He majored on two main characters, the Apostle Paul and Moses, the Patriarch. 1. Paul says God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33); but Moses says God...
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    7 Controversial Bible Verses That Should Deeply Concern Every Christian

    The Bible says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God (2nd Tim 3:16-17). But the following verses of the Scripture should give Christians a cause for concern. Bible scholars should please come and explain what these verses seem to say. 1) 2 Kings 2:23-24 “And [the prophet] went up from...
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    Jesus Is Not The Son But A Servant Of God - Sheikh Hussaini Yusuf Mabera

    Jesus Christ (AS) is a Messager of GOD not son accordily to the Bible- Sheikh Hussaini Yusuf Mabera.