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    World Twitter Suspends Nigerian Man, Tambuwal For Supporting ISIS

    Hassan Tambuwal, a Nigerian living in the United Kingdom has been suspended by Twitter following his express support for Islamic State (ISIS) attack on Brussels. Tambuwal, whose twitter account was Hassan_Anfield (@hassan_tambuwal), tweeted after the Brussels attack that he was ready to die...
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    World Belgian Police Arrests Brussels Airport Bomber – See Photo

    A man suspected to be the bomber of Zaventem Airport in Brussels, Belgium has been arrested, Belgian media say on Wednesday. The suspect whose name was given as Najim Laachraoui, was reportedly arrested at a pizza restaurant in Anderlecht Two huge blasts, at least, one of which prosecutors...
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    World Brussels: What World Leaders Are Saying About The Deadly Blasts

    World leaders have expressed concern over multiple blasts that rocked Brussels airport and metro station on Tuesday morning, killing no fewer than 22 people. Two blasts hit Brussels airport and another hit a metro station close to the European Union headquarters. - President Muhammadu Buhari...