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    4 Avoidable Habits That Can Ruin Your Car

    Acquiring a car is serious investment and definitely we want our cars to keep running for as long as possible. Sometimes, our own little actions are our car's worst enemies. Which of the following are you guilty of? :) 1. Revving The Engine Before It Is Warm Allowing your car to sit for...
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    What To Do When Your Car Tyre Bursts On Motion

    There isn't a doubt that a tyre blowout ranks the highest on any highway driver’s list of fears. With good reason, as a tyre burst could lead to a complete loss of car control. The good news is, with tyre technology continually improving, blowouts are becoming an infrequent occurrence. Still...
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    Politics #BuhariGate: Nigerians React to SUVs Collected from Previous Administration

    Special Adviser to the president on Media, Femi Adesina, yesterday denied that President Muhammadu Buhari Collected the sum of $300,000 from embattled former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki, as the latter claimed. He explained that the president got SUVs from the previous administration...
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    Politics [PremiumTimes] Amidst Cash Crunch: Benue Governor, Ortom Buys N.5bn Luxury Vehicles For Aides

    While Benue state and indeed Nigeria groans under severe financial and economic hardship, the state Governor, Samuel Ortom, has shelled out N558.7 million for luxury vehicles for his aides and local government chairmen. Mr. Ortom came to power with what he called five-pillar agenda, including a...