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    World Beijing goes into ‘wartime mode’ as virus emerges at market in Chinese capital – Washington Post
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    World China sends more medical supplies to Senegal as total COVID-19 cases reach 4,759 – Vanguard Nigeria News
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    World China defends COVID-19 response in new report – Vanguard News
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    World Coronavirus: 99% chance that COVID-19 vaccine will work, says Chinese firm – Sky News
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    World World Health Organization Renews Praise for China in Response to Coronavirus – Time
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    World Chinese expert says new virus cluster in northeast is behaving differently – The Times of Israel
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    World China Denies Trump’s Accusation Of COVID-19 Mass Killing – Channels Television Nigeria News
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    World Angry woman gets revenge on boyfriend by sending him bags of onions - Legit Nigeria News
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    World China Becomes Large Shareholder In Norwegian Air Shuttle – Channels Television Nigeria News
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    World China slams US for ‘dangerous’ message to Taiwan’s leader – The Guardian Nigeria News
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    World Emotional moment man reunited with his parents 32 years after he was kidnapped (Video) – Laila’s Nigeria News
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    World Chinese claim new drug can stop pandemic ‘without vaccine’ – The Nation News
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    Business Coronavirus: China’s Xi Jinping placates Africa with aid promises – P.M. News
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    World China admits to destroying early coronavirus samples, says action was taken due to safety concerns – Ladun Liadi’s Blog
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    World Leaked data from Chinese university shows country may have 640,000 cases of covid-19 instead of official figure of 84,000 – Ladun Liadi’s Nigeria News
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    World China Replies Trump On Threat To Cut Off Ties, Urges Cooperation – Leadership Newspaper
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    World China’s Wuhan kicks off mass testing campaign for new coronavirus – The Nation News
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    World Retail company, IKEA reats after footage of a woman pleasuring herself on one of their store’s sofas goes viral – Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Chinese investment in US drops to lowest level since 2009 – Yahoo News
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    World Wuhan reported its first new coronavirus case in more than a month – Yahoo News