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    Sexual Health What Happens If You Use An Expired Condom? – Refinery29
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    Sexual Health How men and women use condoms differently – CNN

    (CNN) — There's a lot to learn when you're getting intimate with a new partner: What turns them on? What's off the table? And what steps will you take toward a safer sexual encounter? That safe-sex conversation should be a simple one. Who doesn't want to protect themselves against sexually...
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    Sexual Health Here’s what to do if the condom breaks while you’re having sex – Metro

    Sometimes, it just happens. We’ve all been there – you’ve taken all the precautions but suddenly you feel a little snap mid-shag and the sex becomes slightly different. Has he moved position? Was it because you put your legs back further? What is this whole new experience? Hate to break it to...
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    Sexual Health 4 Things to Do If a Condom Breaks – Astroglide

    Accidents happen in the heat of passion. It’s a Friday night. After taking your partner to a dinner and a movie, you decide to go back to the crib to get your freak on. Everything is going just as planned. Sex is great as usual. You both reach the “big O”, you lay there for a couple of seconds...
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    Sexual Health 3 things to do after sex without a condom –

    Even though an episode of unprotected sex might not bother you too much, the fear of an unwanted pregnancy can make you go weak in the knees. While protection during sex is imperative, there could be a lot of reasons that could lead to unprotected sex – … Read more via
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    Sexual Health What are the best method to avoid pregnancy without using condom? – Quora

    Condom are safest as they prevent from unwanted pregnancy and Stds. But if you want other methods here they are i have compiled the data from different sources and some of the products may not be available in India. Following are the Methods: IUDs – T- shaped device placed inside … Read more...
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    Entertainment CDQ: At 16, My Father Gave Me Condom For Sex

    The year 2008 is a memorable year for Popular indigenous rap artiste, CDQ. Series of activities that happened in the year including the lost of his father made the year a memorable one. Speaking with the Punch, the singer referred to his father as his best friend and confidant. “I was very...
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    World Scientists Develop Super Condoms That Can Help Combat AIDS

    A team of Indian-American Scientists have developed a new hydrogel-based condom that contains antioxidants at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. Not only does it contain plant-based antioxidants, which kills the HIV-virus in case of condom breakage but it also uses antioxidants to...