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    World First Confirmed U.S. Cases of COVID Reinfections – WebMD Health
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    World Donald and Melania Trump test positive for coronavirus – IOL section
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    World US coronavirus death toll exceeds 170,000: Live updates – Al Jazeera
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    World US tops 5 million confirmed coronavirus cases, to Europe’s alarm – Vanguard News
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    World Trump cancels Republican convention as virus soars past 4m – New Telegraph
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    World US Coronavirus Cases Top Four Million – Channels Television
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    World More Than Death: Study Shows COVID-19 Has Unleashed a ‘Tidal Wave of Grief’ on America – ScienceAlert
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    World U.S. hits new fatality record as world coronavirus death toll surpasses 400,000, – P.M. News
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    World 103-year-old woman beat Covid-19, celebrates with a cold beer – Laila’s Blog
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    World Coronavirus deaths in US top 100,000 – BBC News – Health
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    World Donald Trump Said He Takes Hydroxychloroquine To Prevent COVID-19 – BBC
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    Politics Obama blasts Coronavirus response in rare public rebuke – The Nation News
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    Metro New York Times Honoured Nigerian Jonathan Adewumi, Who Made Everyone Feel At Home, Dies Of COVID-19 At 57 – P.M.EXPRESS
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    World Covid-19: US adds 1,754 deaths in 24 hours: Johns Hopkins – Daily Nation
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    World Trump accuses Democrats of reopening U.S. states too slowly – The Nation News
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    World America bans face masks made in China after they failed safety testing - Ladun Liadi’s Blog
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    World Piers Morgan Says Donald Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus Crisis Could Lead To Some ‘Very Ugly Scenes’ – HuffPost UK
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    World Dr. Fauci Enters ‘Modified’ Quarantine After Possible COVID-19 Exposure –
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    World The racism that’s pervaded the US health system for years is even deadlier now | Rashad Robinson – The Guardian
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    World U.S. set to authorise use of trial drug – The Nation News