1. Iroka Chinedu

    Metro Ogun State Using Culture to Integrate Africans -ThisDay newspaper

    With culture, tourism and art, Ogun State sets the pace, while others follow. Besides, with culture as the tool for integration in African, Ogun State blazes the trail and it also leads the trail as the tourism hub of the world. Gamour and excitement trail the three-day African drum festival...
  2. M

    Hausa Culture And Tradition: 7 Things You Should Not Do In Hausa Land

    The Hausas of northern Nigeria are mostly Muslims, and there are 14 Muslim-dominated Hausa states in Nigeria, except for Plateau State which is largely Christian and not considered a core Hausa state, and Kaduna State which has equal numbers of Christian-Muslim populations. Some Hausa States are...
  3. M

    Igbo Culture And Tradition: 10 Things You Should Not Do In Igboland

    A taboo is something declared forbidden either for its sacred nature or to protect the people of a given community from the wrath of the gods and the leaders. A taboo is a part of any culture in Africa and other parts of the world – largely because it brings a sense of sanity and reverence to...
  4. P

    Metro [Photos] Lai Mohammed Assumes Office As Minister Of Information

    Former APC's National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has resumed office as the new Minister of Information and Culture. He was received by the Directors of the Ministry. See photos:
  5. P

    9 Reasons Why Too Many People Are Pretending To Be Rich

    The idea of pretending to be rich can sound a little crazy, until you look at the symptoms and realize that you or someone you know may be guilty of doing this. Some of the more prominent symptoms of pretending to be rich include significant credit card debt, little to no retirement savings...