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    World Hillary Clinton Makes History, May Become Next US President

    Hillary Clinton became the first woman in history to win the White House nomination of a major US political party Tuesday, securing the backing of Democrats at a convention in Philadelphia. The former first lady, senator and secretary of state took a monumental step on her quest to become...
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    World Obama Meets With Hillary Clinton's Rival, Bernie Sanders In Private

    After rejecting any comparison between his own presidential campaign in 2008 and Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016, President Obama welcomed the Democratic presidential contender to the Oval Office today for a private, informal meeting. Emerging from the West Wing after more than 45 minutes...
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    World US Election 2016: Trump and Clinton Win Big in Arizona

    Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton won their parties’ primaries in Arizona on Tuesday and maintained steep advantages in the presidential nominations race, despite victories by rivals in other states. Trump extended his lead over nearest rival Ted Cruz in the all-important...