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    Business Drone trends to watch in 2018: Big data, flying taxis, and home security.

    Drones are going to see significant new capabilities in 2018. The use of multiple high-functioning cameras as well as upgraded Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) will enhance navigational acumen far beyond that of today’s drone models. This, combined with ultra-fast charging and...
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    World United States Set Up First Drone Base in Cameroon

    The United States of America has set up a drone base in Cameroon in order to help the Central African Country fight Boko Haram, US-Based cbsnews.com has reported. The report which described the base as America's first in Africa, said the US has quietly sent hundreds of troops to the region in...
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    Metro Lagos set to Deploy Drones to Fight Crime

    The Lagos State Government has disclosed that it may deploy drones in addition to the 1,000 CCTV surveillance camera mounted across Lagos as part of the efforts to effectively monitor developments and collect data and fight crime in the state. “The use of unmanned drones to effectively receive...