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    Metro Video: Nigerian Woman Finds Drugs Concealed Inside Crayfish She Was Given To Deliver To Europe – Gossip Mill Nigeria

    A Nigerian lady traveling to Italy could not hide her joy as she was almost implicated by a … Read more via Gossip Mill Nigeria – https://ift.tt/2DHXMT9 Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    General Health Here’s How Long Common Drugs Stay in Your Body – ScienceAlert

    Contrary to what many advertised drug tests might promise, not all substances leave their telltale chemical signature in the body for the same amount of time. The moment we take a drug – whether we snort, smoke, or swallow it – our bodies begin to break it down. In … Read more via...
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    Metro Christian Who Doesn’t Understand Addiction Says God Told Him to Paint This – Friendly Atheist

    You’ve probably seen this painting before, and it’s exactly what it looks like: a Christian artist … Read more via Friendly Atheist – https://ift.tt/2wsWrZE Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro 4 Ways To Earn Extra Money As A Working Class Nigerian – Nairaland News

    Extra money is great. At a minimum, extra income is more change in your pocket. Beyond that, it can diversify your income sources and make your finances less vulnerable to a … Read more via Nairaland – https://ift.tt/2KMNNil Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    World Drug gets body cells to ‘eat’ cancer – BBC News

    Scientists have designed a special type of drug that helps the body eat and destroy cancerous cells. The treatment boosts the action of white blood cells, called macrophages, that the immune system uses to gobble up unwanted invaders. Tests in mice showed the therapy … Read more via BBC...
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    Metro Man sentenced for drugging, kidnap of British model – CBS News

    MILAN — An Italian court on Friday convicted a Polish man of kidnapping a 20-year-old British model for ransom in a case that raised the specter of young women being auctioned off online on encrypted websites. The verdict slammed the door on the defendant’s … Read more via More Top Stories...
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    Motorcyclist rescued after overdosing on Tramadol In Delta State – YabaLeftOnline News

    A motorcyclist popularly known as Okada rider who wanted to get high by taking tramadol – got more than he expected after it affected him and almost killed him in the line of duty in Delta state. According to reports, the Okada rider was carrying two ladies when he … Read more via...
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    New study reveals ibuprofen may affect male fertility — Quartz – Quartz

    Advil, Motrin, Propinal — whatever the brand name, all these versions of ibuprofen sold over the counter are pretty much ubiquitous for an easy ache-and-pain remedy. Part of the reason these drugs are a painkiller of choice is because in low doses, they don’t typically have side effects. Nor...
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    Metro Shocker: 51-Year-Old Pastor Exposed After Hiding Guns, 3,871 Ammunition And Drugs In His...

    According to a report by The New Telegraph, a 51-year-old Nigerian cleric, Pastor Ignatus Ogboi of the Christ Army Church at Mbiri in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, has been caught with 3,871 live cartridges, some prohibited drugs and undisclosed amount of money. Ogboi …...
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    Entertainment Rapper DMX Almost Dies From Drug Overdose

    The rapper DMX almost died from a drug overdose in Yonkers on Monday night — but cops saved his life, a police source said Tuesday. The 45-year-old “Slippin” singer collapsed next to a white BMW — and stopped breathing — in the parking lot of a Ramada Inn at around 6:20 p.m., the sources...