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  1. Nigeria Business News

    Business Five firms abandon Facebook’s ‘Libra’ currency, as Vodafone announces exit – Nairametrics

    Three months after Mastercard and Visa pulled out of Libra, a cryptocurrency owned by Facebook, it seems the exit door is still open as another member of the Libra Association takes a bow. The new member exiting Libra is a telecommunications company, Vodafone.... Read more via Nairametrics...
  2. Nigeria World News

    World George Soros says President Trump is conspiring with Facebook to get reelected – Business Insider

    Billionaire George Soros — well-known for his sizable donations to liberal political causes — said Thursday that he believes that Facebook and President Donald Trump are conspiring ahead of this year’s presidential election. "Facebook will work together to re-elect Trump, and Trump will work...
  3. Nigeria Business News

    Business Facebook U.K to employ 1000 people by end of 2020 – Plus TV Africa

    The social media and technology company based in the UK is set to employ 1,000 people in the United Kingdom before the year comes to a close. This is such exciting news has 1000 people would be with a job courtesy of social media and technology country.… Read more via Plus TV Africa –...
  4. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook under fire after ads for anti-HIV drug PrEP deemed ‘political’ – The Guardian

    Facebook is facing backlash after it classified advertisements for an HIV prevention drug as political advertising. Apicha, a New York health center that caters to LGBTQ patients, said last week the tech giant initially blocked ads... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News –...
  5. Nigeria Business News

    Business Facebook Accelerator Nigeria Unveils 12 Startups In 2019 Cohort – BellaNaija

    Following the successes and impact of the first season of its research and mentorship-driven accelerator programme, Facebook Accelerator, Nigeria, has announced, in partnership with Co-Creation Hub, the commencement of season 2 of the programme. The Facebook Accelerator programme is aimed at...
  6. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook acquires tech-startup to aid in Calibra crypto wallet development – IT News Africa

    In June 2019, Facebook unveiled details behind its long-anticipated cryptocurrency, Libra. The company’s new digital platform is said to allow users to send and spend money at a next-to-nothing fee. While the coin is only going public in 2020, it’s garnered much anticipation from...
  7. Nigeria Business News

    Business Nigerian, Ghanaian startups to participate in Facebook Accelerator Programme – Nairametrics

    Some Nigerian and Ghanian startups and students have been shortlisted to participate in Season 2 of the annual Facebook Accelerator Nigeria. The eight startups and four students were selected from the applications that were received from innovators across Nigeria and Ghana.... Read more via...
  8. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook Removes Thousands Of Applications From Platforms – Sahara Reporters

    Facebook’s 22.4millon Nigerian users will see some of the applications they are used to suspended or removed, as the firm continues to improve its privacy status. In a blog post seen by the GuardianUK, the United States-based social platform, said it had suspended tens of thousands of apps...
  9. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps – BBC News

    The apps were associated with around 400 developers Facebook says it has suspended tens of thousands of apps as part of an investigation it launched in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal. The suspended apps were associated with about … Read more via BBC News –...
  10. Nigeria World News

    World New Facebook Panel Can Overrule Zuckerberg – Channels Television

    Facebook said on Tuesday it has finalised its charter for its “independent oversight board,” giving the panel the authority to overrule chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on questions of appropriate content.... Read more via Channels Television – https://ift.tt/2IeKTQm Get more World News
  11. Nigeria World News

    World Don’t Just Delete Facebook, Poison Your Data First – Vice

    In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, there’s a widespread movement for people to #DeleteFacebook. But even when you go through all the steps to wipe your account, the odds are high that Facebook still has deep caches of all your user data, which is can still use.... Read more via...
  12. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook may hide like counts to help improve users’ mental health – TechMoran

    Facebook may soon start hiding like counts on News Feed posts to help improve the mental health of its users by protecting them from envy and dissuade them from self-censorship. The company’s idea is to prevent users from destructively comparing themselves to their friends and possibly...
  13. Nigeria World News

    World How Facebook Catches Bugs in Its 100 Million Lines of Code – Wired

    Facebook doesn’t have the most stellar privacy and security track record, especially given that many of its notable gaffes were avoidable. But with billions of users and a gargantuan platform to defend, it’s not easy to catch every flaw in the company’s 100 million lines of code. So four …...
  14. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook Just Gave 1.3 Billion Messenger Users A Reason To Delete Their Accounts – Forbes

    Facebook has just become the latest big tech firm to confirm that external contractors are listening to audio of users’ private conversations.... Read more via Forbes – https://ift.tt/33tGHVX Get more World News
  15. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook to shake up its news content in a deal worth millions for publishers – Digital Trends

    Facebook is prepping the launch of a “news tab” that could see media outlets paid millions of dollars in exchange for their content. News of the plan first appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday and was later confirmed by Facebook to Digital Trends, though the social … Read more...
  16. Nigeria World News

    World You should stop using WhatsApp right now – SlashGear

    Thank goodness I stopped using WhatsApp when I did – things are about to get MESSY. As of this Facebook currently has a content moderation plan*… another NEW content moderation plan I should say…. Read more via SlashGear – https://ift.tt/2GJ01Vb Get more World News
  17. Nigeria World News

    World Edward Snowden says Facebook is spying on you – Mashable

    The U.S. government is not the only one that’s watching you. So warns famed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who on Thursday called Facebook to task for spying on its users.... Read more via Mashable – https://ift.tt/2MwVHMD Get more World News
  18. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook bans ‘Saudi Arabia propaganda accounts’ – BBC News

    Facebook says it has discovered that people linked to the Saudi authorities have been using its platforms to spread propaganda through fake accounts. It says the operation mainly targeted the Middle East and North Africa, and most of the content was in Arabic.... Read more via BBC News –...
  19. Nigeria World News

    World US regulators ‘approve record $5bn Facebook fine’ – BBC News

    US regulators have approved a record $5bn (£4bn) fine on Facebook to settle an investigation into data privacy violations, reports in US media say. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been investigating allegations … Read more via BBC News – https://ift.tt/2NSRIvW Get more World News
  20. Nigeria World News

    World Facebook’s Libra Will Fizzle As Banks Hit Back – Forbes

    Facebook recently announced its ambitions for Libra, the company’s new global cryptocurrency. Given Facebook’s community of over 2.4 billion … Read more via Forbes – https://ift.tt/2JG8Y27 Get more World News