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    World France: Police Sniper Accidentally Shoots Two During President's Speech

    A French police sniper has accidentally shot two people during a speech by President Francois Hollande. The president was inaugurating a new stretch of railway in the town of Villognon in western France when gunfire was heard. A waiter and a worker at the event were wounded a bit- one in the...
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    World EU Leaders Oppose Donald Trump's Comments

    EU leaders, led by French president Francois Hollande, today described comments made by US President Donald Trump about the European Union as "unacceptable". CNN reports that Hollande hit out at Trump as he arrived at an informal summit on the future of the EU in Malta. "There are threats...
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    World French President, German Chancellor Are 'Mentally Disturbed' - Eritrean President, Afwerki

    Eritrean president, Isaias Afwerki has lashed out at Europe for what he says is its role in economically sabotaging his country and depleting its human capital. Afwerki while making a rare address on national television late last week specifically took jibes at French President Francois...
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    World French President Spends $10,994 On His Haircut Every Month

    French President Francois Hollande reportedly spends $10,994 on hair care every month. CNN reports that a government spokesperson confirmed the existence of an official presidential hairdresser who makes 9,895 euros ($10,994) per month and travels everywhere with Hollande. There has been...
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    World EgyptAir: ‘The Plane Has Crashed’ – French President

    French president François Hollande has confirmed that the EgyptAir plane has crashed. In a TV press conference he said “no hypothesis” could be ruled out on the causes of the crash. He also offered help from France in the search for debris. Hollande also offered his “solidarity” with the...
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    Politics Boko Haram: Read What Visiting French President Told Buhari

    French President, Francois Hollande who is currently on an official visit to Nigeria has said Boko Haram remains a threat despite “impressive” military gains against it. He said this at a news conference in Abuja where he is to attend the regional security summit. “The results (of the...