World French President Spends $10,994 On His Haircut Every Month



French President Francois Hollande reportedly spends $10,994 on hair care every month.


CNN reports that a government spokesperson confirmed the existence of an official presidential hairdresser who makes 9,895 euros ($10,994) per month and travels everywhere with Hollande.

There has been mass outrage since the figures were disclosed. Speaking on the development the French President said, "They can reproach me for anything but this'', noting that he accepted a 30% salary cut in his job.
'The amount Hollande pays his personal hairdresser is roughly the same as a government minister's salary, NY Times says.'

I'm not surprised. Socialists (who preach Equality) talk right, and live left... But this haircut (photo below) would have been more worthy of such a handsome price tag.
hollande mock =ery.PNG