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    Putin, Macron Agrees To Preserve Iran Nuclear Deal – Leadership Newspaper

    Russian President, Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, agreed in a phone conversation on the need to preserve and fully implement the Iran nuclear deal, the Kremlin said in a statement yesterday. The phone call took place at the initiative of the French administration...
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    World France's President, Macron Appoints Philippe As Prime Minister

    Newly-inaugurated French President Emmanuel Macron appointed Edouard Philippe as prime minister Monday. Prior to his appointment, Philippe, 46, was the mayor of the city of Le Havre, a member of the center-right Republican Party and a former Parliament member. He was chosen by Macron, 39...
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    Nigerian 'Macron': No We Can't, For Now!

    Macron’s victory in the French polls was a rude awakening for young Nigerians who had become accustomed to dusting the shoes of the country’s most powerful men. With Macron’s victory, young people in Nigeria suddenly realized they should be doing more than carrying briefcases, trolling political...
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    Politics Caption This PHOTO: What Is Obasanjo Whispering to Buhari?

    Yesterday, regional and Western powers gathered in Nigeria to discuss their war with Boko Haram, as the United Nations said the group posed a major threat to security in West Africa. Leaders from Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger were among the delegates, alongside French President Francois...