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    Business Google Sacks 12,000 Workers Globally - Bloomberg
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    World Trump drags Twitter, Facebook, Google to Miami court – P.M. News
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    Metro Why Google deleted my Crowwe App — Adamu Garba – Vanguard News
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    Metro Nigerians express anger over Google’s listing of Agbani Darego as ugliest Miss World ever – Daily Post Nigeria
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    Metro Google Celebrates Nigeria At 60 With A Doodle – Nairaland
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    World Google buys $450m stake in ADT to give Nest a new perch – Vanguard News
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    World Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Keep Gmail – Forbes
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    Business Google to verify all advertisers, and their location – The Guardian Nigeria News
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    World French regulator orders Google pay copyright fees to media groups – The Guardian Nigeria News
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    Business Google says disabling an online business website due to coronavirus should be a last resort – The Verge
  11. Nigeria Business News

    Business Now that the Nigerian government can tax the likes of Google and Facebook, what’s next? – Techpoint.Africa

    In the face of slow-paced regulations, the world is now replete with fast-moving digital technologies that have changed the face of businesses and the modern workplace.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    How to remove your private info from the web in an afternoon – Mashable

    Google yourself. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Include some easily discoverable details: the city where you live, the name of your employer, and maybe your … Read more via Mashable
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    Digital All the Ways Google Tracks You—And How to Stop It – Wired

    You’re probably aware that Google keeps tabs on what you’re up to on its devices, apps, and services—but you might not realize just how far its tracking reach extends, into the places you go, the purchases you make, and much more. It’s an extensive set of data, but you can … Read more via...
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    Digital Google now lets you auto-delete your app activity, location and web history after 3 or 18 months – TechCrunch

    It’s no secret that unless you opt out, Google keeps a very detailed record of your location history and a log of the web sites you visit in Chrome and apps you use. There have always been ways … Read more via TechCrunch
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    Digital Google knows everywhere you go — here’s how to stop it from tracking you and delete the logs – CNBC

    Google knows a lot about you and, if you use Google Maps or other Google apps, it stores a copy of everywhere you go. I recently performed Google’s "Privacy Checkup" to learn a bit more about what it knows about me, and was pretty surprised at the level of detail … Read more via CNBC...
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    Digital 26 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Calendar could do – Fast Company

    If there’s one digital tool I rely on as much as Gmail, it’s Google Calendar. From work deadlines to family happenings and random reminders, Calendar is what keeps me on track, on time, and on top of the approximately 1.7 zillion things I tend to juggle on an hourly … Read more via Fast...
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    Business Google Home will Feature Music and Sound Effects When You Read Disney Storybooks –

    Story time reading just got a notch better as Google has partnered with Disney to bring special effects to the entire experience. In the new tweak to then feature, you can start reading one of Disney’s Little Golden Books out.... Read more via – Get more...
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    Metro Google’s Android Apps Are No Longer Free – Nairaland

    Google has announced changes in how European smartphone and tablet makers can use Google’s Android apps in response to the EU’s $5 billion fine. Going forward, EU manufacturers will now have to pay Google a license fee to bundle Google’s suite of mobile apps..... Read more via Nairaland –...
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    Metro Nigeria: Free Internet in 200 Nigeria’s Cities, Towns By 2019 – Allafrica News

    Millions of Nigerians in about 200 locations across five cities in the country will get free access to internet courtesy of search engine, Google."Google Station will be rolling out in 200 locations in five.... Read more via Allafrica News – Get More Nigeria Metro News