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    World ‘Deltacron’ COVID-19 Variant Confirmed By WHO—Here’s What We Know So Far – Health
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    World Iran's vice president has contracted coronavirus, state media says - Sky News

    Masoumeh Ebtekar, Iran’s vice president for women and family affairs, has contracted the coronavirus, CBS reported Thursday, citing Iranian state media. Ebtekar, who served as an English-language spokesperson for Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis after Iranian protesters seized the U.S...
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    World Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 1,400 - Channels TV

    The death toll from Coronavirus epidemic neared 1,400 on Friday with six medical workers among the victims, underscoring the country’s struggle to contain a deepening health crisis. Nearly 64,000 people are now recorded as having fallen ill from the virus in China, with officials revealing that...
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    World WHO declares global emergency as Coronavirus’ death toll rises to 170 in China - The Cable

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared a global emergency on Coronavirus as the death toll from the disease has risen to 170 in China. WHO made the declaration on Thursday, saying the disease now represents a risk beyond China, where it emerged last month. In a series of tweets...
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    Metro Mothers-to-be who eat seafood daily less likely to have children with attention deficit disorder – The Guardian Nigeria News

    Mothers-to-be who eat lots of seafood are less likely to have children who struggle to pay attention, a study has suggested. Scientists also uncovered rates of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) were … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News –...
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    Cockroaches are becoming ‘immune’ to insecticide, study claims – The Telegraph

    One of the most common types of cockroaches in the UK are quickly growing immune to the best insecticides, according to a new study by Purdue University. Researchers found the German species of roaches blattella germanica can develop an immunity to toxic substances after exposure to them...
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    World ‘A lot of GPs have never seen it’ – BBC News

    A County Down woman who has had surgery following vulval cancer is appealing to women to check themselves and be aware of changes in their genital area. Jill Gordon was diagnosed by chance in 2018, after her cancer went undetected for seven years. Every … Read more via BBC News –...
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    General Health What Exactly Is a Breast Ultrasound—and When Would You Need One? –

    If you’ve ever felt a suspicious lump or something painful in your breast, chances are it’s nothing. But if you’re under the age of 30, chances are also good that your doctor will suggest an ultrasound to make absolutely sure. Ultrasound is the imaging choice for younger women who need … Read...
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    Sexual Health Can You Get Pregnant if Your Partner Has a Micropenis? Here’s What an Expert Says –

    The age-old debate about whether or not size matters has failed to hone in on one specific question: Does penis size matter in terms of fertility? We asked an expert, and the short answer is: probably not... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Metro Doctors notice spurt in cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – The Hindu

    There has been a hike in cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) this year as compared to 2018. While no definite statistics are available yet, doctors say they are observing at least 10 to 12 new cases every month Read more via The Hindu – Health – Get...
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    World Age-related memory decline reversed with magnetic pulses to the brain – New Atlas

    Researchers at Northwestern University have used a non-invasive form of magnetic brain stimulation to improve the memory of older adults. After just five short sessions the older adults scored as well as a younger cohort on a variety of memory tasks...... Read more via New Atlas – New...
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    Metro Coker: Low libido might indicate underlying health condition – Newtelegraph

    Low and high libido are common medical conditions facing Nigerian men and women, though persons suffering from the conditions may not be willing to express themselves on the matter. However, based on increased awareness, efforts in seeking care, occasioned by medical challenges, among other...
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    Metro FG Declares Emergency On Public Health – Tori News

    The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has declared a state of public health concern on maternal newborn and child death occurring at the primary health centres. Similar declaration is expected in states in the next few days to track maternal and child mortality...
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    Metro Don’t wear panties to bed at night, microbiologist advises women - THE CABLE

    Tony Mbume, a clinical microbiologist, has advised females not to sleep with their panties on, so as to keep the vagina area dry throughout the night. He also urged women to stop wearing tight jeans, synthetic panties and leggings, to prevent vaginal infections. According him, most Nigerian...
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    Metro April is STD Awareness Month: the latest in prevention, testing and questions on sexual health –

    Planned Parenthood launched a new sexual health app, Roo, for teenagers to get answers on the sexual or reproductive health questions they wouldn’t … Read more via “sexual health” – Google News – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro Having Just One Beer a Day Can Be Bad for You – AskMen

    Enjoy a daily bottle of beer? You might want to cut back. It turns out, drinking just one alcoholic beverage per day is enough to increase your risk of stroke. And no amount of daily drinking is actually … Read more via AskMen – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro Dementia has increased by 400% in Nigeria – Newtelegraph

    Dementia, which is a clinical syndrome caused by neurodegeneration and characterised by progressive deterioration in cognition and capacity for independent living, has been discovered to have increased astronomically in Nigeria in the last two decades. This was unveiled in a study published by...
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    Metro Dubstep artist Skrillex could protect against mosquito bites – BBC News

    The sun is shining on your skin, there’s a breeze in your hair and someone has just handed you a coconut with a straw sticking out of it. This is living. But just as … Read more via BBC News – Health – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    General Health 5 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat –

    Excess weight in your midsection can be annoying—not only because it’s so darn tough to ditch, but because it also has an impact on your overall health. Extra belly fat ups your risk of issues such as heart disease and diabetes, and, according to certified strength and condition specialist...
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    General Health Doctors Kept Dismissing My Back Pain—Until I Was Finally Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer –

    This article is part of Health’s new series, Misdiagnosed, featuring stories from real women who have had their medical symptoms dismissed or wrongly diagnosed. I’d been having chronic back pain for about a year before I found the lump. It wasn’t like I … Read more via Real Simple...