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    World Huawei Plans Job Overhaul to Cut US Ties, Pumps $800m into Brazil Production – Thisdaylive

    Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei is plotting a major restructure of the business intended to stave off the threat of United States sanctions on its supply chain and production, according to Bloomberg report. ... Read more via Thisdaylive – Get more World News
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    World Huawei Launches New Distributed Operating System, HarmonyOS – Leadership Newspaper

    Huawei Developer Conference today, Huawei launched HarmonyOS – a new microkernel-based, distributed operating system designed to deliver a cohesive user experience across all devices and scenarios. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, explained the company’s thoughts behind...
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    World Huawei says own OS to be faster than Android, likens privacy to Apple – SlashGear

    Huawei’s problems are far from over. The US seems to be pretty ambiguous about whether it will continue to ban Huawei from US goods and to what extent. Other countries are following in the US footsteps as well, looking into excluding the company from key sectors and businesses. Despite …...
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    World Huawei wins best smartphone at the European Hardware Awards 2019 – IT News Africa

    Huawei’s p30 pro has been announced as the best smartphone of 2019 by the European hardware association. In preparation for its fifth annual awards, … Read more via IT News Africa news alert – Get more World News
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    World Huawei prepares for 40% to 60% drop in overseas smartphone sales – TechMoran

    The impact Huawei’s blacklisting by the U.S. government will have on its smartphone business has been quite a hot topic for weeks. According to reports, the impact will be.... Read more via TechMoran – Get more World News
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    World Huawei: UK Warned Over Sending ‘Bad Signal’ To China – Leadership Newspaper

    China’s ambassador to the UK has warned that excluding Huawei from Britain’s 5G network “sends a very bad signal”.... Read more via Leadership Newspaper – Get more World News
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    World Huawei’s New OS Could Launch in Q3 – TechMoran

    Huawei confirms it has built its own operating system just in case US tensions disrupt use of Google’s Android Unfortunately or fortunately, being put on a U.S. Department of Commerce blacklist has a way of forcing a company’s hands. Huawei could reportedly introduce a new operating system...
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    World More Trouble for Huawei: No More Facebook on New Phones – Wired

    Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get worse for Huawei, reports have emerged that the company may soon not be able to sell phones with the world’s most popular social networks. Facebook will reportedly no longer allow the Chinese telecom giant to preinstall Facebook, WhatsApp, and...
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    World If China Really Wants to Retaliate, It Will Target Apple – Wired

    Apple has a Huawei problem. Of the myriad issues raised by the evolving and intensifying US-China trade Cold War, the knock-on effects on Apple have been perhaps least appreciated. And not just Apple of course, but a slew of American companies that have both shifted production to China over …...
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    World Billionaire Huawei Founder Defiant in Face of Existential Threat – Bloomberg

    Huawei Technologies Co. founder Ren Zhengfei struck a defiant tone in the face of U.S. sanctions that threaten his company’s very survival..... Read more via Bloomberg – Get more World News
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    World Chinese media says it’s now ’embarrassing’ to use an iPhone in China – 9to5Mac

    Using an iPhone in China is now seen as embarrassing by some consumers, says a local report. The combined impact of the Trump administration’s trade war on China and export blacklisting of Huawei is further strengthening the ‘Boycott Apple’ movement in the country… Read more via 9to5Mac –...
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    World The Wall Street Journal: U.S. to offer temporary exemptions to Huawei export ban –

    U.S. officials said Monday they would grant a handful of temporary exceptions to an export blacklist against Huawei Technologies Co., giving some suppliers and customers of China’s telecom giant a 90-day reprieve from tough trade penalties...... Read more via – Top Stories –...
  13. Nigeria Business News

    Business Huawei Nigeria has something to say about the ban – TechCity

    News about Google cutting off business with Huawei is one of the most striking events in the Android world as it affects all Huawei users globally. Google decided to stop licensing its Android operating system to the Chinese telecommunications firm, in order to comply with a U.S. trade...
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    World Huawei responds to Android ban – The Verge

    Fresh off the sledgehammer blow of having its Android license revoked by Google in response to US government demands, Huawei has issued its first, limited response, which leaves more questions open than it answers. In a statement emailed to The Verge, Huawei underscores its contributions to...
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    World Huawei hits back after Trump declares national emergency on telecoms ‘threat’ – The Guardian

    Huawei has criticised as “unreasonable” Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to ban technology from “foreign adversaries” that is deemed to pose a risk to national security.... Read more via The Guardian – Get more World News
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    World Huawei sales top $100bn despite backlash – BBC News

    Chinese telecoms giant Huawei said revenues topped $100bn in 2018 despite a US-led campaign against the business on fears it poses a security threat. The firm said revenue for 2018 hit 721.2bn yuan ($107bn), while net profit jumped 25% to 59.3bn yuan. The US … Read more via BBC News –...
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    Business Huawei has built an Android alternative in case US tensions increase – TechCrunch

    Tensions between the U.S. and Huawei show no sign of easing. Last week, the electronics giant announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the government over an “unconstitutional” ban on its products.... Read more via TechCrunch – Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    Business Huawei To Build Public Cloud To Boost Digitisation in Africa – Leadership Newspaper

    Huawei is set to build its Public Cloud in Africa to provide cloud services to all sub-Saharan African countries. This is another significant move by the leading global leading ICT solutions provider to accelerating its cloud business across the world. Africa is an important piece of Huawei …...
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    Business Huawei competition aims to cultivate Nigeria’s local ICT talents – TechCity

    A total of 15 universities across Nigeria with over 10,000 students will participate in an ICT competition organised by Chinese tech giant Huawei that will be officially launched today. In a statement, Huawei said the aim of the competition in Nigeria is to cultivate local ICT talents, promote...
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    Business Huawei donates N100m ICT equipment to DBI – NaijaBizCom.Com

    Huawei, an ICT company, has donated N100million ICT equipment to the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI) to boost capacity building. Speaking during the ceremony on Wednesday in Abuja, the Administrator of DBI, Mr Ike Adinde said the partnership with Huawei started in 2016.... Read more via...