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    World South Africa's President, Zuma Survives Impeachment Plot

    South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, on Tuesday survived an impeachment vote in parliament launched after the constitutional court ruled he had ignored an order to repay state funds spent on his private home. The big majority of the African National Congress in the 400-seat assembly ensured...
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    World South Africa's Jacob Zuma Faces Impeachment

    South Africa's parliament is due to vote on an opposition-sponsored motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma. The Democratic Alliance (DA) said he was no longer fit to govern after the country's highest court ruled last week that he had breached the constitution by failing to repay public money...
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    Politics Lagos Assembly Reverses Femi Pedro's Impeachment As Deputy Gov After 8years

    The Lagos State House of Assembly on Thursday invalidated the 2007 impeachment of a former deputy governor of the state, Mr Femi Pedro, Guardian reports. The resolution followed the adoption of the recommendation of an eight-member Ad Hoc Committee constituted on July 2, to review the...