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    Excess crude account swells as oil price leaps towards $80 – Vanguard News

    Oil price is now trending towards $80 per barrel following bullish trading that heightened yesterday in the international market which saw the price leap to $78 yesterday, up from $67 April average. Oil This followed stepped up tension in the Middle East after the opening … Read more via...
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    Business Dollar Depreciates Further Against Major Currencies At Global Markets

    The dollar extended its losses against the yen and euro Tuesday as fresh data indicating a slowdown in the US manufacturing sector lowered expectations the Federal Reserve will hike interest rates any time soon. The greenback was already under pressure against the yen after the Bank of Japan on...
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    Business Dollar Weakens Against Major Currencies Ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting

    The dollar weakened against its major peers Tuesday ahead of a Federal Reserve meeting as the shaky global economy weighs on hopes for a summer US rate hike, with a Bank of Japan gathering also in focus. Dealers are hoping the Federal will provide clues about the state of the world's biggest...
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    Business Oil Prices Crash To $38 For First Time Since 2009

    Crude oil prices continued at a six and a half year low on Tuesday, as the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) basket price fell to $38.18 per barrel, one of its lowest since 2009. The basket price, which is calculated as an average of 12 crude oil variants sold by OPEC...