jacob zuma trial

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    World Former SA President Zuma goes on trial – BBC News

    South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma in due in court on corruption charges related to a $2.5 billion arms deal in the 1990s. He will face 16 counts of corruption, racketeering, fraud and money laundering at the High Court in Durban. His trial is likely to be a lengthy one, with a battle...
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    World Vigil In Support Of Zuma Ahead Of Court Appearance Tomorrow Is Ongoing – Ladun Liadi

    A night vigil in support of former president Jacob Zuma is currently ongoing at the Albert Park in Durban. Zuma is expected to appear at the Durban High Court on Friday on charges of corruption. Scores of supporters of Zuma, most of whom are students from the Durban University of Technology...