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    Politics Summoned US Envoy to Shock Reps With Video Evidence of Lawmakers' Sexual Misconduct

    United States Ambassador James Entwistle, according to The Nation, might make a shocking appearance before a House of Reps panel on Thursday and leave them dumbfounded. It's believed that he will probably tender video evidence of the sexual misconduct of three lawmakers - Mohammed Garba...
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    Politics The Similarity Between Buhari and Obama's Governments - US Envoy

    According to the outgoing US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, there are some similarities between President Muhammadu Buhari’s government and Barack Obama's. Entwistle said Buhari's economic recovery efforts deserve the understanding and support of Nigerians. “I see a parallel between...
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    Politics Sex Scandal: Nigerian Lawmaker Writes US Govt With Proof of His Innocence

    Samuel Ikon, a member of the House of Representatives who was among the three accused of sexual misbehavior by the US government, has written to the US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, saying he is innocent of the charges leveled against him. According to him, he was sick throughout his...
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    Metro Nigeria Records 40,000 Maternal Deaths Yearly - US

    The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr James Entwistle, on Friday said no fewer than 40, 000 maternal deaths were recorded in Nigeria annually. Mr. Entwistle said in Lagos that many pregnant women in Nigeria often delay in seeking health care until potentially life-threatening conditions...