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    General I’ve Had Suicidal Thoughts as an Entrepreneur. Here’s How I Learned to Cope With Depression. – Entrepreneur
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    Sexual Health Sex Addiction Is Not a Couples Problem – Yahoo Lifestyle
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    10 Bad Habits You Must Eliminate If You Want A Happy Life – IKB
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    5 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life (No. 4 Will Make You Enjoy Everything) – Naijaloaded
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    To win this war against side chics, you have to be what the other woman isn’t – Lady shares winning formula for married women –
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    How To Tell If Someone Is Faking It On Social Media – TechMoran

    How can you tell if someone is faking it on social media? We’ve all admired people on social media. You look at their glossy images, their very motivating quotes and captions and think “wow I want to be like them”. But over time I have come to realize that more … Read more via TechMoran...
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    Sexual Health How I Rediscovered Sexual Pleasure After an Abortion – Rewire.News

    Having grown up Christian, I saw sex as a forbidden fruit. So when I found out I was pregnant years ago, it set off a shockwave of shame through my body. While abortion was the only option for me, when I got up from the procedure table, I felt marked with a scarlet letter.... Read more via...
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    General Health What happens to our online lives after we die? –

    SEATTLE–Over the course of the next few decades, there will be more and more dead people on Facebook. In fact, according to some estimates, as early as 2060 … Read more via Science | AAAS
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    General Health 5 Things Single People Can Do On Valentine’s Day – Nigerian Entertainment Today

    Nigerians are waiting for Valentine’s Day and it seems to be the only thing people can talk about. All this talk about love and plan-making can be depressing for single people who have no one to share it with, but it doesn’t have to be..... Read more via Nigerian Entertainment Today...
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    Treatment for Gambling Addiction – Psych Central

    The next step to reclaiming sanity and stability is to see a counselor for an evaluation and a treatment plan. You will probably come away with a recommendation that you participate in some combination of the following resources.... Read more via Psych Central
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    General Health How can gambling affect you ? - Gambling Therapy

    Problem gambling can have a detrimental effect on personal finances as the attempt to chase loses become unmanageable. As well as spending wages, savings and spare cash, debts can also be a feature of problem gambling as a result of borrowings and loans to cover gambling loses.... Read more...
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    General Health When Does Gambling Become an Addiction – The Signs – Primrose Lodge

    Not everyone who gambles will go on to develop a problem; for some, though, this seemingly harmless activity can become a crippling obsession that has the potential to destroy their life. It is all good and well to enjoy a flutter on the horses every now and then or … Read more via Primrose...
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    5 Facts About Extreme Poverty Everyone Should Know – Global Citizen

    Extreme poverty is more than just living without an income or shelter. It can also mean living without access to education, dealing with disrcimination, and becoming malnourished.... Read more via Global Citizen
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    General Health 3 ways to boost intimacy in a relationship –

    Intimacy is a crucial part of any healthy, fulfilling relationship and goes beyond what happens in the bedroom. Whether you're looking to reconnect with a long-term lover or discover more about a new partner, there are plenty of ways to get close... Read more via “sexual health” – Google...
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    4 Habits That Could Wreck Your Finances Beyond Repair – The Motley Fool

    We all have our share of bad habits in life. Some of us eat poorly. Others procrastinate. But when it comes to money matters, the wrong behavior could prove disastrous in the long run. Here are a few financial habits you should absolutely aim to kick sooner rather … Read more via The Motley...
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    General Health Soft drinks increase risk of tooth wear – Newtelegraph

    Researchers is in the United Kingdom (UK) have found that sugar-sweetened acidic drinks, such as soft drinks, is the common factor between obesity and tooth wear among adults. Their new study published yesterday in the journal ‘Clinical Oral Investigations,’ found that the increased...
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    General Health Suicide Is Preventable. Hospitals and Doctors Are Finally Catching Up – Time

    The suicidal thoughts started when Kristina Mossgraber was 17. A loud voice in her head told her that she was a bad person, a failure, better off dead. She cut herself in secret and told no one about the thoughts slamming around her brain, except her pediatrician, who dismissed them … Read...
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    Don’t Be Deceived! Check Out 5 Signs That You Are Your Boyfriend’s Side Chick – Tori News

    Have you been worried that you may actually be your boyfriend’s side chick? These are certain signs to look out for..... Read more via Tori News
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    Want to Enjoy Life More? Ruthlessly Eliminate This Personality Trait –

    Bitterness is like a mood-altering drug. It affects your disposition and impacts your relationships. When bitterness creeps in, it tends to stick to your soul for months or even years. To truly enjoy life and all it has to offer, you have to ruthlessly eliminate it.... Read more via
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    General Health Skin-lightening cream put a woman into a coma. It could happen again. – Salon

    She had been buying face cream through a friend of a friend for 12 years. This time, it was Pond’s “Rejuveness,” a version of the company’s anti-wrinkle cream that is made and sold in Mexico. But someone in the Mexican state of Jalisco laced the cream with a toxic skin-lightening … Read...