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    Metro A brain scientist explains why you black out when you drink too much alcohol – Business Insider

    Business Insider spoke to Dr Sunjeev Kamboj, a clinical psychologist at University College London, about why we’re sometimes unable to recall details after a night of drinking. He said that the link between short-term and long-term memory is disrupted when alcohol is present in our blood. Dr...
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    World Donald Trump Cancels His Trip To London, Blames Obama – HuffPost

    President Donald Trump confirmed late Thursday that he canceled a trip to London next month to help open the new U.S. Embassy there, saying he did not support the project and that former President Barack Obama crafted a “bad deal” to see it built. “Reason I canceled my trip to London … Get...
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    World UBER Taxi Shocker: London Authorities To Revoke License Over Safety Concerns

    Transport for London (TFL) will not be renewing UBER's licence to operate in the UK capital and certainly one of their busiest markets in London if not the world. This is a big blow for UBER and can cascade into a disaster if other major European cities follow. In a damming statement published...
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    World 'Terrorist Attack' at UK Parliament; Man Causes Terror at Westminster Palace

    An unidentified man on Wednesday afternoon attacked the Houses of Parliament in London, killing a woman and injuring many others. According to reports, the attacker mowed down several pedestrians with a vehicle at Westminster Bridge before crashing into some railings. He then got down...
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    World Devil worshipper Jailed For Sex Attack On Teenager

    A 42 year old Satanist in London has been jailed for what has been described as "a prolonged and harrowing sexual assault". His 19 year old victim was only saved when she was able to get to a window and alert a member of the public by mouthing 'help', 'phone police' before she escaped and ran...