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  1. Meta's Worldwide Outage Sends Shockwaves Across Social Media Platforms

    Nigeria Meta's Worldwide Outage Sends Shockwaves Across Social Media Platforms

    Meta's major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger – are facing a worldwide outage, causing frustration for users globally. The disruption began around 10:20 am ET, leaving hundreds of thousands unable to log in and connect. According to DownDetector, more than 200,000 Americans are...
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    Metro WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing For Video Calls - Information Nigeria
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    Business Mark Zuckerberg says Instagram's Twitter rival app has lost more than half its users - BBC
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    Business Elon Musk's Twitter theatens to SUE Zuckerberg's Meta as letter released in full - The Guardian
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    Business Threads: Ten million join Meta's Twitter rival, Zuckerberg says - BBC
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    Business Meta launches Twitter rival Threads -- but not in Europe -
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    Metro Mark Zuckerberg accepts Elon Musk’s offer to fight in a Cage - Linda Ikejis Blog
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    Business WhatsApp now lets you edit messages with a 15-minute time limit - Tech Crunch
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    Metro Facebook, Instagram Users To Pay $12 Monthly For Verification - Information Nigeria
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    Business Meta announces huge job cuts with 11,000 employees to be affected - The Verge
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    Entertainment Rita Dominic, other Nigerian celebs call out Mark Zuckerberg as they lose thousands of Instagram followers –
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    Business How Mark Zuckerberg lost $11 billion in one day, becomes 29th richest person in the world –
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    Politics How Nigerian government wants to regulate adverts on Facebook, Instagram, others –
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    Business Sheryl Sandberg To Leave Facebook, Meta After 14 Years
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    Business Seven reasons why rich people buy art – Businessday Nigeria News
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    Business Mark Zuckerberg Drops To 12th World’s Richest As Net Worth Plunges By $30bn - Daily Trust
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    Business Facebook: 37-year-old billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, now worth $115 billion – Nairametrics
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    Business 44 newcomers make Forbes 400 richest list, Trump still out – PM News
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    Business Facebook whistleblower Haugen urges Zuckerberg to step down – New Telegraph