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    Politics 16 Quotes Of Buhari's Administration In One Year

    Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari, who marks one year in office today, 29 May, has battled endemic corruption in government, an insurgency in the north by militant Islamists, a resumption of conflict in the oil-rich south and a worsening economic situation. Here are 16 quotes in which he...
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    Politics One Year in Office: 5 Major Achievements Of President Buhari

    Exactly one year today, President Mohammadu Buhari, in Abuja, the Nation's capital, took over the mantle of leadership from Goodluck Jonathan – after he conceded defeat at the March 28, 2015 Presidential elections. It was the fourth shot at the presidency for ex-military commander Buhari...
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    Politics See LIST of President Buhari's Achievements After One-Year in Office

    The presidency has released a list detailing all the achievements of President Buhari in the last one year. He marks one year in office tomorrow May 29th. The list as published by the News Agency of Nigeria contains the following: SECURITY: The relocation of the Nigerian Military Command...
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    Politics Nigerians Should Tell Me If I Should Change Any Minister - Buhari

    President Muhammadu Buhari said yesterday that Nigerians should pass a verdict on the performance of his appointed officials during the administration’s first year in office so that he will know if he should change them. Buhari said, “I am waiting for the newspapers to tell me the performance...