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    Sports Premier League To Introduce Mandatory Sexual Consent Training For All Players - Mirror Uk

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    Entertainment Hobbit actor who quit stardom to sign up and defend Ukraine is killed in battle - Mirror UK

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    World Stray dogs seen eating bodies of Covid victims as India battles devastating wave - Mirror

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    World Donald Trump repeatedly asked “am I going to die?” after coronavirus diagnosis – mirror

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    World Strange alien-like sea creatures discovered by scientists during Antarctica expedition - Mirror UK

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    World CIA shares tricky observational test for aspiring spies - see if you can pass - Mirror UK

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    World Man who wed teacher after she raped him describes her final moments before death - Mirror UK

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    World Man live-streams own death on Facebook as dozens watching begged for it to stop - Mirror UK

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    World Man inserts 15-inch eel into rear in 'folk remedy' before it tears hole in his bowels - Mirror UK

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    World Soldiers tear snakes faces off and drink their blood in bizarre ritual – mirror

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/soldiers-tear-snakes-faces-drink-21627043 Get more World News
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    World Fears Africa could split in Two, crack still stretching for miles - Mirror UK

    A large crack that is already several miles long and growing has appeared in Kenya, sparking fears that Africa could eventually split in half. The rift continues to grow and an expert says it's evidence that the continent is breaking apart. Click here to read more
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    Metro Boeing hit by 'WannaCry ransomware virus as chief engineer calls for "All hands on deck -

    Boeing has been hit by a malware virus believed to be WannaCry - sparking fears it could cause major disruption at the aircraft giant. The ransomware virus first surfaced in May 2017 and spread to more than 150 countries across the globe. It shuts down computers and prevents users from...
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    Metro Fed-up plane passenger PUNCHES 'drunk man who wouldn't stop swearing on flight - Mirror UK

    A plane passenger got so fed up with a drunk man swearing during a flight he punched him in the face, it has been claimed. Shocking footage of the incident on flight from Russia to Antalya in Turkey emerged online. A man had been disturbing fellow passengers throughout the flight, acting...
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    World Rob Spence: Meet Filmmaker Who Had Eyeball Replaced With A CAMERA To Conduct Documentary Interviews

    Rob Spence, a filmmaker who took a bold step towards becoming a bionic journalist by replacing his eyeball with a minute camera. Spence lost the use of his eye following a shooting accident when he was nine. But decades on, the Canadian documentary maker had the idea of replacing the eye with...