mmm crash

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    Metro Nigerian Students Lament – We Put Our School Fees, Project Fund in MMM

    Nigerian students who are currently caught in the web of MMM cash freeze has let out their frustrations on the scheme. Below are some interviews conducted by Punch: The amount I invested in the MMM scheme was N100,000. I was expecting my 30 per cent profit when I got the news that our...
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    Entertainment I Invested N25m in MMM - MC Galaxy

    Popular Nigerian singer MC Galaxy seems to be among the millions of Nigerians who got disappointed by controversial money doubling scheme called MMM. On his Instagram page @mcgalaxymcg, the ‘Sekem’ crooner said his manager pushed him into the mess. He wrote: “That moment when u waiting for...
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    Metro MMM Guiders Issue Statement Over 'Crash' of MMM Nigeria

    Promoters of MMM Nigeria, referred to as MMM Guiders, have issued a statement, saying the scheme has not and will not crash. They said the temporary freezing of the scheme is to ensure that it is sustainable and stable in the long run. In addition, accounts will continue to grow with a 50%...
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    Business Crash Panic Hits Mavrodians, As MMM Nigeria Freezes All Members' Money

    Panic and probable loss of confidence on MMM Nigeria by members of the Ponzi scheme over a freeze on all money in the system. The shocker came early Tuesday morning as a the system placed suspension of members' cash till next year. According to a statement, the Ponzi Scheme administrator said...