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    How To Stop Those Frustrating Subscription Based Messages On Airtel Network

    It is not news that telecommunication companies in Nigeria frustrate their customers with spam messages. Worse is the fact that those messages are not free but charged from your account. There is actually a simple way in which you can stop receiving those messages for those on the Airtel...
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    Business Ondo State To Experience Total Loss Of Network Coverage Soon - MTN

    Millions of subscribers in Ondo State and its environs would likely experience negative impacts on the quality of MTN Nigeria services following the closure of its facilities by the state government. The telecoms operator said so in a statement issued by its corporate communications executive...
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    Easy Steps To Check Your Mobile Numbers For All Networks At No Cost

    ‎At times, you are in a situation where you want to give out a number of a new sim you just bought. We are humans and we can forget even if we memorized the numbers. Use this short codes to easily check your numbers. 1) MTN: Dial *663# or Dial *123# and follow onscreen process that follows...