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  1. Northeastern United States Shaken by Rare Earthquake: Residents Share Experiences

    Americas Northeastern United States Shaken by Rare Earthquake: Residents Share Experiences

    Early Friday morning, the northeastern United States experienced an unusual seismic event as an earthquake rattled the region, causing tremors to be felt across a vast area spanning from New York City to Boston. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake registered a magnitude of 4.8 and...
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    Metro Nwabu Mgbemena, Former NAN MD Dies of Cancer

    A former Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Dr Nwabu Mgbemena, is dead. Mgbemena, 71, died of cancer on Friday in New Jersey, U.S. His close associate Chief Tony Idigo confirmed the death on Sunday in a telephone with Vanguard. Mgbemena was one of the pioneer editors of...
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    World New Jersey: Man Kills Mother 2 Days After Completing 30 Years Murder Sentence

    Steven Pratt was supposed to begin his life anew in October of 2014 after he had served 30-year prison sentence and gone home to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where his family held a party to welcome him. But a violent history repeated itself all too soon. According to WashingtonPost, Pratt was...
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    Metro [Photos] Jude Nkama Makes History in the U.S As First African Judge in New Jersey

    A Nigerian, Jude O Nkama made history on Wednesday as he became the first African to be appointed as a judge in the 349 year history of the city and State of New Jersey, USA. Hon. Ras Baraka, Mayor of the City of Newark, NJ also appointed Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro as Deputy Mayor; and Evans...